Conde Nast Launches For All Those Glamorous Singletons Out There

by CARSON GRIFFITH · October 9, 2009

    Thought Conde Nast was too busy laying people off and shutting down magazines to have time to do anything else? Wrong. They found a little time, at least, to launch, which is yes, an online dating website. Not just any online dating website! This isn't for the nobodies over at eHarmony or the average Joes over at Conde Nast's dating site, supported by and, is to, and I quote, "unite glamorous girls with fashion-conscious GQ-reading boys to create matches made in style heaven."

    How thoughtful of Conde, considering they may have put some recently laid-off employees in financial hell. Regardless, despite this new, spiffy dating site, with some already questionably attractive people in the featured profiles section, one big question has popped up in our minds, and it seems we're not the only ones.

    While there's nothing I love more than a well-dressed guy (all hail Chuck Bass), how successful can this site be when it's based around the fashion industry and pairing heterosexual couples? Because as editor Abby Gardner points out in reference to this site and the industry: "c'mon I don’t really think of it as the go-to place for straight men." Maybe their best move would be moving into the gay market? Well, for all those women who got laid-off from Gourmet, Modern Bride, and the other mags Conde recently put to rest, look on the bright-side: now at least they can help you find a boyfriend. Even if they can't help you with a job.