Connecticut's Gay Rights Marriages Prove Once Again That The East Coast Is Smarter Than Their Western Counterparts

by Rachelle Hruska · November 14, 2008

    [Photo via Paper Magazine]

    Peter Davis has made protesting Prop 8 a black tie affair.   He also found a list of those individuals and organizations that have donated money to the campaign that seeks to ban same sex marriages called the "antigayblacklist". YOWZA! And, while the west coast homophobes may have won the Proposition 8 fight, they will never win the fight over love.  Wednesday, after a Connecticut judge cleared the way, same-sex couples began their marriage settlements in what many called a rebound for the gay-rights activists still enraged over the vote in California.

    “Today, Connecticut sends a message of hope an inspiration to lesbian and gay people throughout this country who simply want to be treated as equal citizens by their government,” said the plaintiff's attorney, Bennett Klein. [AP]

    Thank God Conneticut is full of smart people.  Now, all of our gay friends won't have far to travel at all to marry the ones they love.