Daily Candy Lexicon: A Dictionary Of Fake Words

by THERESA WON · July 10, 2008

     Joining the craze of promoting a book when you can read it online for free is the website DailyCandy. This is actually the second book they have put out on the market (their first was out in 2006—so they could potentially be blamed for the trend, one that Gawker has recently adopted).

    Known for their invention of words throughout their site (because really, one can only type “fabulous” and “yummy” so many times before going a little off their rocker), the book offers exactly what its name implies: words that don’t exist that should.

    I’m not completely convinced the book is worth buying unless you’re a huge fan of the site. The words are not only accompanied by their definition (“fabric-ation: the involuntary impulse to lie when a salesgirl asks what size you are”), but also how the staff’s writers came up with the words and a few anecdotes in between. Sounds cute—not exactly a full summer beach read, but maybe a book to stick on your side table?