Doomed? Meet The New MTA Commission

by THERESA WON · June 12, 2008

     This past Tuesday, Governor David Patterson announced a twelve member commission to try and find a permanent source of financing for MTA. Headed by Richard Ravitch--a former MTA chairman--the members are expected to plan out the next ten years, but are well aware of the immediate need for financial action. In layman's terms, this means if you hated the jump to an $81 metro card, you might be in for another surprise (thankfully, we'll most likely get a break in 2009 to save up for 2010).

    To me, this deadline for the political commission seems a little like telling a college senior her thesis is due in twelve weeks; it sounds far away, but it jumps up faster than you realized. I'm hoping this commission (who have been referred to as the Ravitch Commission, but which I will now exclusively refer to as "Cheaper by the Dozen"), do not have my mentality. A price increase in the next two year seems a little like asking for an extension for a thesis that you can get a C on at best.