Everything You Need To Know: ChaCha

by THERESA WON · June 13, 2008

     My Question: What is ChaCha and why is it special? Answer provided by ChaCha: It is a search engine and it’s special because it’s the first human-powered one! Thanks for using ChaCha.

    I have a good camera, a cell phone, and an iPod. Still, people try to convince me I’m in need of an iPhone to be truly informed (or at least to look cool). They mainly cite the fact that while I do have internet on my phones, I could watch seasons change while waiting for it to load. Enter ChaCha to solve all my problems about staying informed while away from a computer. My friend told me about it a few weeks ago, but like most awesome things, I didn’t really try it until I was bored much later (as you will soon see by the questions I asked it.)

    Basically, you call 1-800-2Cha-Cha, ask your question, receive a confirmation text message that someone is looking for your answer, wait about 30 more seconds and receive your answer. It’s best just to provide examples:

    My Question: Who invented ChaCha? Answer provided by ChaCha: ChaCha was invented by Scott Jones, ChaCha CEO. The size-up: Well, they could go into a little more detail on that one. He also invented voicemail.

    My Question: What time does So You Think You Can Dance? come on? Answer provided by ChaCha: It comes on at 9:00 pm on the East coast. Grab your dancing shoes and enjoy! Do the ChaCha while you’re at it. The size-up: Informative and humorous? Oh ChaCha, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

    My Question: Who are you voting for as president in the 2008 general election? Answer provided by ChaCha: I honestly have no clue. Maybe we should all vote for ChaCha. At least we know we’d get answers. The size-up: Way to skate around the question, Mr. Senator…

    My Question: What is the most exciting place in New York City? Answer provided by ChaCha: Depends on your definition of exciting, but my opinion is Times Square. Also--Central Park, FAO Schwartz, or Rockefeller Ctr. The size-up: If you’re coming to New York City on vacation, or if your definition of exciting is dodging tourists, then I’d say they gave a truthful answer. Opinion questions are hard!

    My Question: What is The Guest of a Guest Blog? Answer provided by ChaCha: It is a blog about NYC nightlife and social news from the hottest spots in New York City. The size-up: So true, and yet we are so much more…