Facebook Status Report Roundup

by Stanely Stuyvesant · June 18, 2008

    Paul Johnson Calderon is goodnight moon. 11 hours ago

    Scott Buccheit realizes that he really is not crazy about Hard Candy. I always fast forward past the songs when on my ipod. Don't hate me girls! about an hour ago

    Scott Lipps is back in NYC ...check out www.thenewblog.net... about an hour ago

    Bryce Gruber has $1000 bucks off lasik eye surgery for friends and family... who wants? Updated via Facebook Mobile 16 hours ago

    Brittany Mendenhall is in the same living room as Gillian Hearst-Shaw, Julia Stiles, and Vanessa Carlton. Thanks Culture Catch. Updated via Facebook Mobile 13 hours ago

    Timo Weiland is heading to the Whitney party + mr.Black opening! *but, def still in love with NYLON magazine! (nylonmag.com)........ 15 hours ago