Fleet Week Here To Whiten Things Up A Bit

by Rachelle Hruska · May 22, 2008

     [Photo via NY Mag]

    Scott's facebook status: "Scott Buccheit sees semen [sic] everywhere, it must be fleet week" first alerted me, and the official website confirm, that it is indeed fleet week here in New York. From May 21- 28th thousands of sailors, marines, and coast guardsmen from the Navy and Coast guard will be walking amongst us in their perfectly pressed uniforms....(how they keep those things wrinkle free and unfaded is one of life's greater mysteries).

    Fleet week has been hosted every year since 1984 and gives residents in the Tri-State area a chance to meet the Seamen (seriously? you think I'm going to succumb to an easy one liner here?), as well as witness first hand the latest capabilities of today's Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Team. Though I'm pretty sure that a majority of the percentage of people making a visit to the seaport ports in the afternoon, are simply there on a Sex and the City tour. What I am certain on is the fact that my gay friends are 100% more excited about this than I am, though I do like the way these guys look in photos.