Happy Australia Day!!!

by guestofaguest · January 25, 2008


    Tomorrow, January 26 is officially Australia Day.

    For all of our crazy-fabulous Aussie friends here in New York, happy day! We know you are going to have such a great time at that fabulous ball here in New York at the Waldorf, you know the one that costs $20,000 per table, honoring Australian royalty Julian McMahon (daughter of the former Prime Minister). So, while your sipping on your Cristal, your counterparts back home will most likely be guzzling down VB, in their Haviana "pluggers" and wearing their yellow aviators. There will be "no worries mate" as they will be spending the day on a warm beach with an esky (see photo below), listening to the Triple J hottest hundred, and probably dressed in some ridiculous outfit as theme parties are the rage:

    theme parties

    [Hanging out at the 80's Aerobics Oz themed party]

    True Aussie esky

    ["True Aussie Esky" aka Icebox...because it's so H-O-T!]

    So while you civilized Aussies here in New York can have your fancy ball and designer gowns, just remember, you will also be donning mittens, scarves, and gloves with that outfit! Small price to pay to be rubbing elbows with Hugh Jackman.