How To Break Up With A Prince? Facebook (Of Course)!

by Stanely Stuyvesant · January 26, 2009

    The days of chivalry and courtly love are long gone, ancient history.  Case in point: Chelsy Davy.  Chelsy, Prince Harry's #1 girl of more than three years, has called it quits for good this time.  And, how did EVERYONE find out about this very public split? Facebook of course.  Chelsy recently made her split with Prince Harry official via the most public of methods (short of taking an ad), Facebook.

    Her online profile was altered to say: "Relationship: Not in one." As is customary with Facebook, all Miss Davy's friends received a red broken heart graphic telling them that her relationship with the third in line to the throne had come to an end. [Telegraph]

    And honestly, who hasn't found out about a friend's breakup, marriage or pregnancy via FB?  However, can you imagine if Chelsy pulled this in medieval times? It would surely warrant an "Off With Her Head!" demand from the Queen!