Introducing The Guest of a Guest Picture Directory, And More!

by guestofaguest · October 13, 2008


    We have a new feature called the Directory: (

    Over the past week, you may have noticed the new search box on the left sidebar of our site entitled "Party Pictures" (see photo one). It is our new people directory that we have been hard at work creating over the past month to allow an easy way to catalog and organize pictures of people at events.  An alternative to browsing pictures solely by event.  The directory is like a "who"s who" of our "guests".

    So how does one get included in the directory? Simple, be photographed by one of our photographers at an event we are covering. Its easy, unobtrusive, and lots of fun!  Our directory will consist exclusively of gofg"s pictures rather than being an impersonal open-ended macro database.

    Tag Yourself! If you get photographed by a gofg photographer and we miss your name in the gallery from the event you attended, make sure to go to that event"s gallery and TAG YOURSELF in the photo you"re in.  Within hours you should be acknowledged and your personal profile page will be formed in the directory.

    What else is new? We are now opening coverage of events to your own events.  Whether this be a birthday party, engagement bash, anniversary party or whatever else you have cooking, you can simply, email events [at] to get one of our photographers there.  You will get a gallery from your shindig which your guests can download.

    It's a sure fire way to get included in the directory (if so wished) by then tagging yourself from your event we covered.

    We hope you enjoy these new features and hope to be meeting you at your events soon!  Have a wonderful Columbus Day!