John Lennon, Meet Ben & Jerry

by AMANDA MELILLO · May 28, 2008

     [Photo via Doobybrain]

    Ben and Jerry's hits us with yet another clever pun as they prepare to introduce their new flavor that honors John Lennon. Hmm. Anyway. The new flavor "Imagine Whirled Peace" (get it?), hopefully out in time for summer, will be a caramel and sweet cream whirl with toffee and chocolate-covered peace signs. How cute! (Of course, will anyone notice they're peace signs when they're covered in ice cream? I usually don't care that the chocolate in my Phish Food is shaped like fish, mostly because that's a little weird to me.)

    In any case, John Lennon's "Imagine" is now getting a boost in sales, though we will have to wait for word on how the new flavor holds up as the go-to pint for breakups and bad days. But aspiring artists, just think: If you become a great and iconic musician, one day your estate can aid in immortalizing you further by turning your work into ice cream flavors!