Ludi The Goldfish Having A Tough Time Competing With Gossip Girls

by Rachelle Hruska · September 24, 2008

    It only takes around 5 hrs to get home, but it's like stepping into another time period completely.  I'm home for my nephew William's 4th Birthday Party and couldn't be happier for him and his newest friend "Ludi".  (Like "Louie" with a "D").  I'm sitting here staring out upon acres of land and sipping my coffee that only cost $1, trying to catch the NY "bug" and it just wasn't happening. And then I saw this:



    "It Happened Last Night"

    Spotted: Drew Barrymore playing tonsil hockey with Ed Westwick at a Kings of Leon concert at Webster Hall.

    ...And it all comes rushing back to me.