Need New Sex Positions On the Go? Cosmo Has an App For That!

by Cary Randolph Fuller · January 6, 2010

    For the techie still married to her Blackberry, Cosmopolitan has stepped in with a great incentive to go iPhone. Sex Position of the Day application offers daily tips and "tasteful" illustrations guaranteed to get couples out of that "romp rut" (likely brought on by too much time spent tapping on those iPhones).

    Cosmo has long been a pioneer of  women's liberation and sexual revolution and this convenient tool underscores that influence. According to the app's info page you'll open a Pandora's box of pleasure positions including the "Figure Eight," "G Spot Jiggy," "Romp With a View," and "Rock-a-Bye Booty". Seriously, which marketing genius at Hearst is creating these fabulous names, and will that last position really use muscles I didn't know I have?!

    Gaze upon a screenshot of the app below and prepare to drive your man wild: