NonSociety By The Numbers

by Rachelle Hruska · October 28, 2008


    Dying to know how much Julia Allison weighs? The Nonsociety girls are no holds barred today as they give their "honest to god" weight and height for the general public to dissect.

    Click below to see the results:

    Julia Allison:"I'm 5'4'' and 130 pounds, although my ideal is probably 125. Contrary to what the overexcited commenters say below, I'm not unhappy with my weight - although I was a bulimic in college, I'm really fairly healthy now. I'm also lucky that I have a 25 inch waist, so that makes up for a multitude of sins below. ;)"

    Meghan Asha: "5'8ish 115-125lbs (depending on the how much chocolate I eat)"

    Mary Rambin: "I'm 5'7" and weigh 125 lbs. Most people always guess I weigh less, but I'm a pretty muscular girl."