NYC Is All Parks And Waterfalls

by MIKEL MCCOY · June 26, 2008

    ny city waterfalls So if this keeps up, folks might mistake NYC for a nature loving outdoorsy type of town more akin to northwestern cities like Seattle or Portland instead a gritty urban grid of streets and avenues. Not only have pictures of the final design of Chelsea's High Line Park surfaced, but a new art exhibit that mixes engineering, nature and the relaxing effect of waterfalls begins today. Like The Gates back in 2003, The New York City Waterfalls hopes to make people see their mundane environment in a new way.

    The waterfall's purpose is to get people to discuss issues, ones of public space, sustainability, the under use of the city's huge waterfront, and the importance of water in both our personal and societal lives.

    Danish artist, Olafur Eliasson with the help of Mayor Bloomberg's public art machine, is making sure this massive feat will not only be a gigantic tourist attraction, but yet another reason for New Yorkers to spend a bit of time at the river this summer. Oh, and also just because Brooklyn always knows how to up the ante, there's a bike route that passes by the Brooklyn Bridge Waterfall that should be sweet. The four waterfalls will be on display at various points in the East River and near Governor's Island through October 13, 2008.