Rejoice: All That Is Bad Is Good Again

by MADDY MADISON · February 28, 2008

    sex wine and chocolateThere is a favorite memory I keep coming back to when my boss asks me to construct the Eiffel Tower out of toothpicks and fetch him a cappuccino. It takes place on an Italian rooftop in the afternoon, sun beating down, glass of red wine in hand with a slab of dark chocolate melting next to me and cigarette smoke wafting up from the pasta-stocked kitchen below. I suspect it's my favorite because it involves plenty of "bad" things that are actually good for you.The ten (mostly) delectable sins run the gamut between beer, anger, coffee, LSD, sunlight, maggots, marijuana, red wine, chocolate, and sex. I could do without the hallucinogenic larvae. You know what this means? Half of the city’s twenty-somethings can stop regretting their debaucherous behavior from last weekend (and the one before that…) It's perfectly alright to meet the ex for a steaming cup of caffeine, have hot hate sex, go home to gorge on chocolate and red wine while sunbathing on the fire escape.  Righteous indignation is the new yoga! So don't sweat it. Science is on your side.