Sabbath Mode Makes For Kosher Stoves

by Rachelle Hruska · August 15, 2008

    kosher stove

    "All I really wanted was a stove with a drawer big enough for all our pans... We now have a stove with a “Sabbath” Mode. Should we ever become orthodox Jews, or need to sell our house to some, we’re set." [Sister's blog]

    Jonah Ottensoser of  Star-K has made his living off of making it his job to make sure that any Jewish person that so desires to will have kosher appliances in their households.

    In recent years, however, well-intentioned appliance makers have been installing safety features that automatically shut off ovens after 12 hours. That meant a unit turned on at dusk Friday would be cold before lunch on Saturday. When companies learned this was complicating dinner preparation for some Jews, they supplied an optional override. Thus, a rudimentary "Sabbath mode" was born. [Wired]

    This feature was a complete waste of money for my sister, the Catholic, but the fact that she introduced me to the "Sabbath Mode" concept itself makes the thing worth it.

    [The Geek Guide To Kosher Machines]