Snoop Dogg Can Rent A Country, And You Can Rent A Sex Doll

by MIGUELINA NUNEZ · July 1, 2010

    Cordozar Calvin Broadus, more commonly known as Snoop Doggy Dogg, tried to rent the Western European country of Lichtenstein to film an upcoming music video. While we don't rake in the kind of money it takes to rent an entire country à la Snoop Dogg, we can plan ahead for the day when we, too, can rent happiness...



    According to New York Magazine, Snoop's request was denied as he failed to give Liechtenstein property agent, Karl Schwaerzler, enough time to get his shizz together. So it is possible to rent a country, which leads us to believe that temporarily taking over a nation isn't alone in the list of ridiculous things that money can buy.

    So if you're like us and constantly find yourself scrambling to meet the annual minimum charge of $250,000 on your Amex black card, then consider the following list of the top 3 ridiculous things actually available for rent:

    1. Private Island

    Are you looking for an island getaway, particularly during NY winter months when the city turns into a veritable frozen toilet bowl? And does it bother you when you (and your boyfriend?) have to share an island with peasants, and bikini-clad sluts who look better than you do? Well you can stop starving yourself to fit into that two-piece, because for a measley $325,000 per week and your soul you can rent an island in the Bahamas.

    2. A Stadium

    If you are a die-hard baseball fan and honestly feel that you would rather dump that cheap fiance of yours than not have your reception at Yankees Stadium, then you are probably in negotiations to rent the home of one of New York's prominent sports teams. 1.5 million dollars is enough to keep the bridges and tunnels crowd away from your wedding reception, right?




    Because a Yankees themed wedding is enough to tell the world that you are part of the NY elite.

    ...And our absolute favorite thing on this list:

    3. Happiness Sex Dolls

    In light of the Craigslist murders, and the liars on dating sites who gain 300 pounds on sight (comparable, right?), it's a little creepy to share your boudoir with someone you met online. And everything is evolving anyway by going digital or plastic, so why not go with the times and cutout human contact all together by renting a Sex Doll! Trust us, it's way better to rent than own because no one is looking for a commitment these days; monogamy is so 90's.

    2000 yen membership required. Self-Esteem not included.

    Honorable Mention: White People

    According to CNN, in China white people are rented, more commonly as fake employees or business parters. Apparently, the white man comes in handy at company events because the presence of a foreigner brings prestige, money, and connections in the business industry. "White Guy Window Dressing," as it is often referred to is only an honorable mention on this list because while you can rent a doll or an island from the comforts of your Manhattan penthouse, we are no quite sure that it is legal to rent a white man in America.

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