The Dark Knight Vs.The iPhone 3G: Which Lines Were Longer?

by COLLEEN KROPP · July 18, 2008

    The Dark KnightAll kidding aside, the anticipation of both the latest Batman film and the latest product from Apple have garnered such a wide, loyal fan following. With advertisements and pure hype that is inescapable by anyone walking around the city with their eyes wide open, it is no surprise that both these back-to-back Friday event releases have caused a certain over-the-top thrill amongst New Yorkers.

    Now, while it is true that most lines outside of the movie theaters last night throughout Manhattan aren"t fairly comparable to the lines outside the Apple Stores last Friday, there still were people waiting several hours, tickets in hand, in the hopes of getting a prime seat to take in the whole Batman/Joker experience.

    Granted, I did buy tickets, but for tonight. The midnight showing would"ve been great, but unfortunately I was slacking on my Batman lovin" and was beat to the punch by thousands of other Gotham City Loyalists. In any case, I was abandoned at the bar by my two friends who were lucky enough to have those precious commodities. I will say this – I will be on temporary deaf/dumb/blind alert as far as any Batman related topics are concerned until 10:45 this evening, and if you haven"t seen the movie, I advise you to do the same, as it is assuredly an out-of-this world feature.