The Every-Woman's Guide To A Summer/Lifetime of Sex/Love/Fun In The City

by LAUREN BELSKI · May 20, 2008

     Yesterday’s Page 6 Magazine featured Candace Bushnell talking about all of her Manhattan Hot-Spots (including Bungalow) that inspired the Fab-Four’s galavanting across the city. In an effort to enforce the everywoman tradition, I’ve compiled my own “Rah Rah New Yorkisms”. As you can imagine, they require mostly jeans, t-shirts, and comfortable footwear—though, of course the accessories are all your own.

    Best Place to Get a (Cheapish) Drink: 4th Ave Pub. If you insisted, I’m sure the barkeep would shake a cosmo for ya, but let’s get real. It’s 2008, I’m sporting my slip-on sneaks, and I’m looking for some frosty refreshment. This place has 28 beers on tap, and you’ve most likely heard of between 6-10 of them. Perfect.If you’re feeling adventurous, go there, if not, go with something classy but safe, and enjoy the free popcorn. Best part? After you’ve had both your buy-one-get-ones during happy hour you can irritate everyone behind you in the bathroom line by doodling on the chalkboard wall

    Best Way to Get Around Town: Doubling on a Bike. This is great for toning those summer thighs, ladies! And, it’s green. Plus, you get to pause for breaks with your bff and break into thunderous giggles. Warning: Taking turns is recommended. Also, try not to get hit by gas-guzzling vehicles.

    Best Place to Get a (Cheap) Eat: Christie’s Jamaican Patties on Flatbush. Only a few short blocks from Prospect Park, a beef or veggie patty from this fixture can be procured by scraping together the loose change at the bottom of your laundry basket. Even better with Cocoa Bread. Yum!

    Best Place to Go Dancing: Any rooftop during a house party, Eric Nies style, preferably.

    Best Place to Meet Future Smooch Partner: Outdoor Music Festivals. You’ve got Siren Fest, Celebrate Brooklyn, and River to River. Listen to band’s music before going. Stand close to stage to find die-hard fans. Use the fate of a mutual love of music as an adhesive. Apply one another’s lips.