The Over Coverage Of Ikea Opening

by Rachelle Hruska · June 18, 2008

    ikea redhookI know, I know...people LOVE IKEA...they love it enough to cover it more than Lindsay Lohan's new girl toy. I mean it's not like we all forgot what an IKEA is like. Alas, even though it's been over covered and over photographed, we still have our own pics (see gallery) by Adam Schneider, if you care to see. Adam also had this to report:

    From a distance the noise, music, and cheering, it seemed like the ticker tape parade when the Giants won the super bowl. In reality, it was just an IKEA.

    The line weaved in and out with thousands of visitors on the opening day. Though at times a fetid odor wafted over the crowd reminding everyone that the great view of NYC was juxtaposed to a very fowl body of water. Door prizes, like gift cards, water bottles, beach bottles, and other goodies were handed out. While waiting in line it was like waiting for a new ride at the amusement park but instead of the big drop it was a endless rows of furniture and housewares. Inside, it was like every other IKEA, a maze of indistinguishable Swedish names for home furnishings. However, with all the fervor over its presence no protesters were seen just a lot of smiling faces on people, excited that they no longer have to travel to Jersey from Long Island.