Top 10 Worst Places To Meet A Man In New York City

by CARSON GRIFFITH · March 20, 2009

    What's a girl to do in a city where there’s over 200,000 more single marriageable men than women? Add in this recession, where no man is jumping to take you out on the town (prompting the launch of several DABA girl spinoffs); and we have some serious man-cession happening.  As far as where to meet Mr. Right, we can offer nothing passed a "good luck," what we can tell you is where not to go looking...

    10. American Apparel: Because he’s vainer than you. And probably skinnier too

    9. Dorrians: Unless you’re up to guys asking you to wear aviators at all times so they can look at themselves in the reflection all day stay away. Watch out for that collar pop!

    8. Soho Equinox: This is the worst place to pick up a mate. Trust us on this one, who wants to have to compete with every fit broad in Soho? Also, they're all gay.

    7. Acting class: He’s probably more into your brother than you

    6. Blockbuster: Screams: “I don’t have cable."

    5. Therapist’s office (a marriage counselor also qualifies): SJP already made this mistake, ladies (Season 2, Episode 6)

    4. Joshua Tree: (insert any Murray Hill/midtown bar): These guys are 21? Right and I’m 45.

    3. John Varvatos Store: This guy has more style than you, do you really want that pressure? Plus the Bowery is rarely a good street to find Mr. Right on.

    2. Webster Hall. Because you won't remember his name the next day, let's be honest.

    1.the UNEMPLOYMENT OFFICE:While this may be one place in New York City where the guy:girl ratio is in your favor currently, I have a feeling that the atmosphere may be a buzzkill

    Which ones are we missing?