Where To Find The Hottest Waiters In New York

by ALANNA LINDER · June 3, 2010

    Now that there’s all this hubbub about employees being laid off for being too hot, or not hot enough, we have to wonder which job is next on their bucket list. With the majority of the unemployed lining up for interviews for miles - the smarter, and seemingly enough, the hotter, are hopping on the service industry bandwagon.-

    Now that the economy has turned around a little bit, and put a few extra singles in our pocket, we’ve been hitting the pavement and revisiting some of our favorite New York restaurants (enough with the microwaveable Mac and Cheese already, really.) And, it seems that in the time we’ve been gone, some of our favorite spots have really revamped their staff – make a reservation and feast your eyes kids.

    Sunburnt Cow

    We used to drink to make people cuter; at Sunburnt Cow we’re finding ourselves throwing back the Mimosa’s to work up the courage to give the bartender our number. Australian accents galore, burgers and brunch piled high and endless mimosas/greyhounds/bloodymoo’s and way too many pretty faced servers casually pouring drinks – good thing its dark in there, maybe they won’t notice how hard we’re staring.


    The staff has always been seriously beautiful – but they’re spending more time with their clothes on these days, so the whole aura is a little more PG, but a lot sexier and more demure. The maitre’d looks way too much like Dr. Avery on Grey’s Anatomy, the waitresses stand six feet tall and the longest legs I’ve ever seen are everywhere. The bartender is way too cool for anything and doesn’t mind if you stare listlessly at his long blond locks blowing in the AC – plus, the Indochine Martini’s will have you on the floor in 5 seconds, so you won’t have to remember how awkward it was when you asked the hostess for the name of her plastic surgeon – come on, no one is that naturally perfect … or at least I'd like to hope not.


    Wandering eyes beware – if you are on a date, don’t forget your blinders. Cute little bowties on the boys, some seriously tiny dresses on the girls and a hostess who knows how to stand pretty like it’s her job (lets face it, it is). Take your time looking over the wine list, and ask all the questions about the menu you want – anything to keep the flirty waiter who totally looks like Penn Badgely at your table for as long as possible. Even the owner (who can often be found schmoozing at a table nearby) is a bombshell – I think it may be something in the Australian water, a new menu item perhaps?

    Coffee Shop

    Every model who has ever lived in New York has worked at Coffee Shop for a week, which means that there is always someone new to gape with jealousy at. But the rediscovered and revamped Under Coffee Shop is probably a better place to get your gawk on - the lights are dimmer, you and the waitress are both a little tipsy and the dresses are notoriously way shorter. Plus, we hear they just hired a whole new fleet of models summering in New York – if there’s something to be said for fresh meat, there’s no better place to spot it.


    After weeks of surrounding ourselves with smoking hot actor/model/dancer/gymnast servers, it’s only fair to want to feel good about yourself once in a while. Although the waiters here are right out of a Bollywood special (so a little less Vogue cute and a little more Slumdog Millionaire authentic), they make you feel so damn good about yourself. I think by the last time I paid the check I had married the server, promised my first born to the chef and was holding hands with the man who stands in the front door handing out compliments– didn’t you always want to wear a Sari at your wedding anyway?