Facebook Status Report

by Rachelle Hruska · July 9, 2008

    Steven VictorSteven Victor is on VH1 tonite at 12:30am Fun Show try to watch. 3 hours ago


    Mia JonesMia Jones is going to the premiere of The Dark Knight tonight... 3 hours ago


    Richard D. ThomasRichard D. Thomas is on the way to Stockholm. Updated via Facebook Mobile 5 hours ago


    Douglas MarshallDouglas Marshall is BECOME A "FAN" OF VANITY FAIR AND SAVE BILL'S JOB: 8 hours ago


    Gillian Hearst SimondsGillian Hearst Simonds is building my zootoo.com site. It donates money to the animal charity or rescue of your choice! 8 hours ago

    Paul Johnson CalderonPaul Johnson Calderon is with the mother having a blast, shopping etc...planning bday dinner and big bash to come!! XxPJC. 10 hours ago

    Elliott DavidElliott David will be in Verona all week, where there is no cell reception or internet. Try his statesmen on their pagers. 10 hours ago

    Paul D Jovanov Paul D Jovanov is happy that he can work poolside and catch some rays at the Park Hyatt because of his blackberry! 17 hours ago