Facebook Status Report Roundup And Twitterific Tweets

by Rachelle Hruska · April 7, 2009

    Malcolm Harris Nothing better than walking in the rain through the empty streets of Soho listening to Atarah Valentine... Magic!!! about a minute ago

    @iamdiddy Who's gonna win tonight??? MSU? Or UNC? Who's popin ciroc tonight??? Let's go!!!!! Ciroc boys and girls in da building! 25 minutes ago from web

    Shawn Mcdonald Is this a #1 seed v. #16 seed, or is it the National Title game?!? What a joke. 43 minutes ago


    Elliott David The upside of all the LA kids permanently invading NYC? LA got a lot cooler. Host to host, viruses move on. about an hour ago

    @LevenRambin i'm "Today's Girl" http://www.maxim.com/todays... about 2 hours ago from web


    More status updates below...

    @JoelMadden On a flight with Faye dunaway she seems really sweet and classy. I kind of wish I was sitting next to her. I wonder if she twitters?? about 3 hours ago from TwitterBerry

    Jt White Tom and Gisele, bringing a whole new meaning to the term "shotgun wedding". 4 hours ago


    Scott Buccheit is attending the Is Anybody there premiere and after party at the Plaza. 6 hours ago


    @Lock Curbed servers encounter massive meltdown; opening day at Fenway rained out; I've got a stomach bug. Officially giving up on today. about 6 hours ago from web

    @fimoculous Board game math: Operation + Sorry = the health care system. about 6 hours ago from web


    Mary Rambin is helping the boys move out of the frat house. It's unbelievably sad, but we're trying to stay positive. 7 hours ago

    Dave Morin Just had a great conversation with Brad Feld and Colorado Governor Bill Ritter about Silicon Valley and what we can do to bring tech culture to Colorado. Ideas? 9 hours ago

    @hunterfl tumblr...are you ready??? about 12 hours ago from TweetDeck


    Steve Lewis is visiting michael alig today with bijoux.. saw baby joe on friday at a club...seems like old times except for the murderers, thugs, assholes, feds, lawyers and house music .. ill say hey. 14 hours ago