Facebook Status Report Roundup

by Rachelle Hruska · February 4, 2009

    Jen Marden is US WEEKLY page 84 and STAR page 82. Updated via Facebook Mobile 5 minutes ago


    Adrien Field Amused by people from my past who go out of their way to find me just to try to attack me. Jealous much? 30 minutes ago - via Twitter

    Melissa Berkelhammer doesn't think Phylicia Rashad needs Jenny Craig. She looks great! Updated via Facebook Mobile 7 hours ago


    Carol Han is poring over paint chips, wallpaper samples, cups of coffee, and about 14 back issues of Domino (tear). It's a design explosion. 7 hours ago

    Gregory Littley is ok maybe jessica alb ISN'T so bad.....she's actually really nice and funny. Updated via Facebook Mobile 7 hours ago


    More status updates below:

    Douglas Marshall is I've been to kmart 3 out of the last four days. I even brought a friend tonight! We left a party early to go to kmart. Updated via Facebook Mobile 8 hours ago

    Paul Johnson Calderon is Prefers the Karens of the world (although boring and with bad breath sometimes) to the Stephanie Bergers of the world. 8 hours ago

    Kerry ? Cassidy is honestly my favorite type of gear is scrungy for her hair and LaPerla underwear. 10 hours ago

    Leven Rambin is doing the "starving" thing. 12 hours ago


    Nick Cohen is playing a set at 1oak circa 2am. 12 hours ago


    Devorah Rose dangerous freedom... i have 2 slow down if I expect to live at least another 5 yrs lol. Note 2 self - BEHAVE!!! 15 hours ago