Facebook Status Report Roundup

by guestofaguest · February 19, 2009

    J.T. White is at his home..aka bungalow8. Updated via Facebook Mobile 16 minutes ago


    Adrien Field Just said hello to Erin Fetherston. The guy she's with liked my video with her! #NYFW. 45 minutes ago - via Twitter

    Malcolm Harris is wondering if we can finally put the title "socialite" to rest. It's no longer cool to be a beacon for the three V's (Vacuous, Vapid and Vain). 2 hours ago

    Douglas B Friedman is packing for Los Angeles. 2 hours ago


    Kelly Will is pamela anderson just walked to christopher cross ride like the wind. worlds just collided. Updated via Facebook Mobile 3 hours ago

    More status reports below...

    Brittany Mendenhall is taking a break from the tents. 4 hours ago - via Twitter


    Nicky Digital is Karaoke instead of fashion week parties! 4 hours ago - via Twitter


    Peter Davis just saw Sandy Hill Pittman, of Into Thin Air fame, punching into her Blackberry over lunch at Fred Segal. Updated via Facebook Mobile 7 hours ago

    Devorah Rose Baby, you know we can't be stopped. Come here and kiss my neck. Some things were made to be WASTED... And we're surrounded by.. werewolves and sexfiends- NYC!!! 9 hours ago

    Christopher London says I like looking at Models and appreciate Craftsmanship & The Work of Designers but I am just NOT into FASHION WEEK. 9 hours ago

    Summer Rayne Oakes is all about Style, Naturally: London this week. 15 hours ago


    Emma Snowdon-Jones looks like her face was mauled by an monkey (forgot to take off last night's mascara.) Updated via Facebook Mobile 16 hours ago