Facebook Status Report Roundup

by Rachelle Hruska · February 26, 2009

    Ben Fink Shapiro is a dog lover. Any kind of pooch. 46 minutes ago


    adrien-field6Adrien Field If you could ask Tom Brady one question (I can) what would it be? Can't be personal and must tie into his Stetson campaign. Need by 10AM. 52 minutes ago - via Twitter

    shawn-mcdonald1Shawn Mcdonald just finished one of the best episodes of Lost of any season. about an hour ago


    scott-buccheit5Scott Buccheit is at Pink Agenda breast cancer benefit. Updated via Facebook Mobile 2 hours ago


    francesco-civetta4Francesco Civetta is rockin the eldridge tonight! dj mia moretti, josh madden, dj francesco civetta And DJ Lindsay Luv gonna be epic! come!! 2 hours ago

    More status reports below...

    richard-blakely1Richard Blakeley About to hit up Leisure Time to steer Team Gawker to victory. 4 hours ago - via Twitter


    rex-sorgatz8Rex Sorgatz "Unfollow" is the new "Cheater!" 7 hours ago - via Twitter


    devorah-rose7Devorah Rose eating latin food y un batido de fresa on the beach... next stop, food coma :-). Updated via Facebook Mobile 7 hours ago


    carol-han3Carol Han StyleCasting!!! First look: 10 hours ago


    noelle-hancockNoelle Hancock is generally pleased with her Ash Wed. cross but would've liked a little more follow-through on the right side. 10 hours ago

    peter-davis7Peter Davis is sitting next to Naomi Watts and her two babies on Virgin America LA-NYC, hoping the cute kids are not noisy. His friend Bob Colacello is in front of him.... Updated via Facebook Mobile 11 hours ago

    douglas-marshall7Douglas Marshall got down on one knee, presented Stuart with a ring, asked him to marry me and he said YES! I'M ENGAGED! 11 hours ago

    emma-snowdon-jones3Emma Snowdon-Jones has a washcloth and is going to wipe off all of these filthy foreheads...NY is so dirty today. You're welcome. 11 hours ago

    lydia-hearst2Hearst-Shaw Lydia There's a villain in me, so sexy sour and sweet. The vixen in me becomes an angel for you. But, some days I'm a super b!tch up to my own tricks. Updated via Facebook Mobile 13 hours ago