Facebook Status Report Roundup

by Rachelle Hruska · July 18, 2008

     Douglas Marshall is beside himself! today is the first approved shorts day in the office. it took a year of lobbying. change IS possible!!!! Updated via Facebook Mobile about an hour ago

     Paul D Jovanov is in the production office waiting for the finalized storyboard and wardrobe choices for tomorrow"s commercial! Updated via Facebook Mobile 2 hours ago

     Leven Rambin is watching TEETH, a movie about a girl who has a vagina with teeth. 4 hours ago


     Stephanie Wei is meet me in montauk.... Updated via Facebook Mobile 7 hours ago


     Alexandra Richards is CT homeward bound xx. 12 hours ago


     Paul Johnson Calderon Is in Brooklyn on a paper shoot running away from crackheads and calling the cops with the Brazilian girls!! Updated via Facebook Mobile 14 hours ago