Facebook Status Report Roundup

by Rachelle Hruska · August 20, 2008

    sean glassSean Glass my latest short, "Benefits," premieres Sunday Night at the Bushwick Film Festival. Lumenhouse- 47 Beaver Street in Brooklyn. 6:45pm SHARP! 4 hours ago

    brittany1Brittany Mendenhall is amazed that Hanson has had SEVEN kids between them... I remember when we were all teenagers together... Nokia Theater... October 20!!! Holla. 7 hours ago

    jonathan-famous1Jonathan Famous Needs Jesus. 13 hours ago


    lelaineLelaine Lau is now regretting not having cable....cuz who wouldn't want to watch perfect male specimens in speedos playing water polo - and for a medal no less!! 13 hours ago

    james-cruickshankJames Cruickshank is at the water mill beach club with his favorite aunt ginny. 15 hours ago