Facebook Status Report Roundup

by Rachelle Hruska · September 24, 2008

    face bookLeven Rambin is on the Rachel Zoe Project tonight. 19 minutes ago


    face bookDouglas Marshall is "As I put on bronzer, cheek stain, tinted eyebrow groomer and a touch of medium brown eyeshadow from Pixie, I knew everything was going to be Okay." 4 hours ago

    face bookPeter Davis is not thrilled that Clay Aiken came out as a gay as he is a dog. 6 hours ago


    face bookGillian Hearst Simonds is hoping people will vote against changing the San Francisco zoo. Save the zoo and also encourage animal rescue/rehabilitation. 7 hours ago

    face bookMegan Zilis is recovering with NO THANKS to a certain jerk even though he thinks he deserves it. 8 hours ago


    face bookAndrew Parker says Megan Zilis is the sharpest business partner in the world, even if I looked for a million trillion bajillion years no one would top her business sense. 3 hours ago