Facebook Status Report Roundup

by Rachelle Hruska · July 1, 2008

     Gregory William Littley is pretty excited for the ...well...ok..can't say yet. KW would kill me.

    2 hours ago-

     Daniel Matthew Koch is hosting La Zarza with DJ Orazio Rispo tonight @ Lethal Industry Mondays.

    11 hours ago-

     Emma Snowdon-Jones can eat 50 eggs.

    Updated via Facebook Mobile 6 hours ago


     Naeem Delbridge is leven!!! party for me baby girl.. congrats. Updated via Facebook Mobile 2 hours ago


     Brittany Mendenhall is at Socialista having dinner with the ChiChi212 staff. Updated via Facebook Mobile 6 hours ago


     Eric Spear thinks there's no better way to serve zucchini and summer squash than sauteed in butter and mixed with honey and mint... mmmmmmm...... 2 hours ago

     Morten Davidsen says thanks to all his friends who remembered his b-day - I love you all!! 6 hours ago


     Nestor Jazmani Dutan still has hope... 8 hours ago