Facebook Status Report Roundup

by Rachelle Hruska · October 31, 2008

    Paul Johnson Calderon I was wear hats before you, jenny humpfrees!! Updated via Facebook Mobile 22 minutes ago


    Douglas Marshall is Elle Woods for halloween. again. time to legislate! Updated via Facebook Mobile 44 minutes ago


    Emily Brill is you have no fucking clue. Updated via Facebook Mobile 3 hours ago


    Nicholas Rhodes Wore my winter coat for the first time in '08 on the way to the RIP Radar party at Citrine. 4 hours ago - via Twitter

    Kelly Will wait...this should read...Kelly met Gayle King last night. There were others, but Gayle is most important. Pic to come. 7 hours ago

    Scott Buccheit is getting ready for the pre-party, the party and the after party. Don't let anybody fool you. A lot of work goes into partying.... 9 hours ago

    Naeem Delbridge is happy bday scottie... tonight is gonna be amazing best party everrr.... Updated via Facebook Mobile 14 hours ago


    Cayte Grieve is remembering where she was this exact time last year, and is very thankful to be where she is now. 15 hours ago