Facebook Status Report Roundup And Twitterific Tweets

by Rachelle Hruska · March 20, 2009

    @MaryRambin it just dawned on me it's been too long since I've "been intimate" with a man. Good thing I've been busy. 15 minutes ago from web

    Ariel Ilana Moses hey wanna go to kfed's bday? no? me neither! oh wait I'm working. m2. do it. Updated via Facebook Mobile 55 minutes ago


    Paul Johnson Calderon is yeah right. about an hour ago


    Scott Buccheit is at the Eldridge eyeing his purse warily! Updated via Facebook Mobile about an hour ago


    @davemorin California smells amazing at this time of year. about 2 hours ago from TwitterBerry


    More status updates below...

    @AdrienField Back home gorging on Pizza after Cipriani's and the Bowery Hotel. Can't wait to get into my leggings and relax. about 2 hours ago from web

    Kerry ? Cassidy is freaking out because everyone is pregnant. Meanwhile, my Valentine is still my dad. 3 hours ago

    @TheEllenShow I think I just did one of my best shows ever, from start to finish. It will be on tomorrow. about 4 hours ago from web

    @cwalken "Secretary of Ironic Scarves." I don't know if Obama read my letter but I hope so. Ashton Kutcher deserves this. So does California. about 7 hours ago from web

    Francesco Civetta says: The Eldridge was Rockin last night, as it always is on Wednesdays! Im spinning Merkato on sat..... gonna be dope!!!! 8 hours ago

    @jessicacoen I have a cat, a laptop, and three apples -- and I know how to use them. about 11 hours ago from web