DEAR NATTY –It’s blazing hot out lately, and I can’t walk out my door without being instantly drenched in sweat. What on earth can I wear in this weather?! * SWEATY BETTY


Believe me, you’re not alone… As the temperatures hit the triple digits in New York this week, I have come to accept sweat as my permanent accessory. While there’s not much one can do to actually stay cool when the heat index is 110 degrees – there are a few things you can do to at least LOOK cooler than you feel. Here are my tips to beating the heat:

1. Loose Fitting Clothes Are Your Friends – You can’t get much better than a breezy sundress when it’s really hot out. No matter how short your shorts or how small your romper – if they’re close to the skin, they will induce more heat. Keeping your midsection free and clear (meaning no belts) is also crucial for maximum airflow.

2. Breathe Easy in Cotton – Always opt for breathable fabrics like cotton or linen. Synthetic materials generate and keep in more heat.

3. Camouflage in Prints - Solid colors, especially mid-range hues, tend to show every drop of perspiration the second it reaches your skin. Instead, go for very light or very dark colors - or better yet PRINTS to help hide your "hot" secret.

4. Cool Head + Cold Feet = Chill Style – A fedora may shield your face from the sun, but did you know that two of the biggest areas of the body to release heat are your head and feet? So think twice about wearing sneakers or covered footwear if you’re trying to keep your body temp down; a slim sandal is your best option.

Here are some sundress suggestions to get you through the dog days of summer...

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