Atocha Jewelry Collection Presentation At Espace

by JULIA LOVALLO · February 23, 2010

    Luann De Lesseps, Tracy Stern, and Paul Johnson Calderon were among the guests at the Atocha Presentation by Nicole Romano last Friday at Espace, where each piece in the collection was named after a pirate.-

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    The event was spirited and sophisticated--though this was before guests had dipped a little too much into the signature coconut water cocktails. Luann De Lesseps attended sans Reality Crew, and looked happier than she has been post-divorce; perhaps this is due to her new French boyfriend? Seth Greenberg was also in attendance, fresh off of the launch of his new Boston Hotel, "The Ames".

    And Paul Johnson Calderon? Well, no tantrums or drama that we noticed, but it's possible he's saving it for the cameras in case "High Society" gets picked up for a second season...