Geneva Group At Hudson Terrace, Via Spiga At The Empire

by guestofaguest · August 4, 2010

    Sunday nights are awful, and Monday mornings are even worse, but Monday evenings can be perfectly lovely, especially when sipping cocktails on a terrace. This past Monday, chic New Yorkers headed up to the roofs of the city to celebrate some of Fashion's most important brands...-

    Geneva's "Swept Away" Party

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    The first event offered guests an opportunity to forget their work blues and get "swept away"--by Geneva Watch Group's 2010 Holiday collection, by the views from Hudson Terrace, by potent cocktails, and most of all, by some killer dance moves.

    As guests mingled about, professional dancers weaved in and out of the crowd, dipping and twirling without stopping for air. The Holidays are still far off, but the dancers brought a little of the season's romance to the event.



    Via Spiga Anniversary Celebration

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    Across town, Via Spiga celebrated its 25th anniversary with a rooftop celebration at the trendy Empire Hotel.  Putting their best foot forward the guests posed against the New York skyline showing off their fabulous kicks.

    Guests received metallic silver goody bags handed out by stunning ladies, with of course (even more) amazing footwear.  Luxe hedges engulfed the seating area and set the mood for the evening with lights that illuminated them in different shades of chartreuse.  Since the night was all about shoes, display cases found inside had fabulous shoes on display for everyone to gaze upon.

    As the sun set, guests made sure that their shoes magically transformed into their best dancing shoes.  They danced the night away to the beats of the DJ and sipped on olive martinis.