First Look At Karl Lagerfeld For Macy's: Will You 'Get' It?

by Diana Graham · July 21, 2011

    Finally! Vogue's August issue offers us our very first glimpse at Lagerfeld's new collaboration line with Macy's. The much awaited collection will include 45 relatively inexpensive pieces (average price: $100) and launches both in stores and online on August 31st. 

    You can expect dresses, graphic tees, lots of tweed, leggings, crocodile print, high-collared necklines, and a '70s era feel. Women's Wear Daily brings us some bonus sketches of the line [via]

    I'm all for retail/designer collaborations - they offer consumers a unique opportunity to get their hands on luxury pieces without going completely broke. Let's just hope Lagerfeld was able to maintain his signature style within the reasonably priced line; we can't quite tell from the floral dress. Sure, it's beautiful but, let's be honest, if we're lucky enough to be buying Lagerfeld, we want something that definitively lets people know we're wearing it.


    Regarding the line, Macy's chief merchandising officer, Jeff Gennette, has said that "some of it customers will get right away - some of it will be a reach". It's an interesting sales tactic: insult the potential customers before the line has even launched. But, really, what would fashion be without a hint of exclusion and unattainability? Did we really expect Lagerfeld and Co. to ditch the haughtiness just because they're collaborating with Macy's?


    I've always been a fan of Lagerfeld, if for no other reason than the wild things he says (e.g. "Prints are for middle-aged women with weight problems"). And I guess the clothes aren't bad either.

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