Remember LOLA? After a brief hiatus, the brand is back with an all new web site and some super slick looks. There are over 100 classic tees, more than 1,000 with photos, 5 new limited edition pieces for summer whose references range from Montauk to Manhattan to Franco-American relations, and more.

LOLA was founded by Gin Lane's Emmett ShineWhitmans co-owner James Cruickshank, and gallery owner Alexander Young. Growing up together they founded Lola Prentice skatepark and turned it into a tee shirt brand in middle school. The park was eventually shut down in 1998 by police who thought it had became too popular and boisterous, but the tees are making a comeback.

Why bring it back now? Emmett tells us:

"The demand for LOLA has never stopped. Every single day, not exaggerating, we get emails from people around the world, people  have tattoos and have named their daughters, their pets after it. It's very unique and fortunate that people have been inspired by it and dedicated to it. After a while I spoke to everyone and we decided to bring it back, archive our history."

Take a look at limited edition tees in the slideshow and use "guestofaguest" for 20% off for our readers. The launch party is tonight.