Of a Kind For GofG: What To Wear To The St. Patrick's Day Brawl At SPiN

by Erica Cerulo · March 17, 2011

    You don't want to be overdressed for St. Patrick's Day, basketball-watching, or ping-pong, but, with so much to celebrate, you don't want to look unenthusiastic either. Head to SPiN in this ensemble-all the pieces are from emerging fashion designers and you'll be good to go for all of the night's activities.

    1. Day one of the NCAA tourney is not a dress-and-stilettos affair, Opt for a pair of Organic by John Patrick khakis that are preppy and low-key- but also skinny enough to be sexy:

    2. Eighteenth's dressed-up T-shirts are interesting enough to make it look like you put forth some effort- but not like you're trying too hard. Bonus: This one doesn't require wearing anything strapless underneath:

    3. This little bag from Made by Hank won't weigh you down if you do decide to pick up a paddle. The designer Katie Henry (get it? Hank?) makes all of her just-sweet-enough pieces by hand in Philly:

    5. You have to wear a pop of green, but you don't want to overdo it. These minimalist suede booties from NYC-based Dieppa Restrepo will make all of your basics (button-downs, jeans, cotton dresses) look like something special:

    Erica Cerulo is the co-founder of limited-editions site Of a Kind and a newly minted fashion contributor for Guest of a Guest.