Olivia Palermo Cements Her Reality Star Status With A Jewelry Collection

by TIFFANY ETESSAMI · March 25, 2010

    [All photos by Clint Spaulding for PMc] In a world where Jessica Simpson has a shoe empire, Lauren Conrad's launching a new collection and Kim Kardashian has a eponymous perfume, our response to Olivia Palermo designing a jewelry collection is... what took so long?!


    The City's resident socialite's long awaited necklace line finally launched last night. The original line is inspired by the fashion capitals of the world like NYC and Paris.

    The pieces will range in price from $175 to $300. So if you feel like making a trek to the Upper East Side to be the first to get an original Olivia Palermo (!), they're available at the Roberta Freymann boutique.

    Guests included Kipton Cronkite and Brian Atwood... but no sign of Whitney, Roxy or Erin. Speaking of, season two starts in a month!

    Andrew Saffir, Daniel Benedict, Ryan Fitzgerald, James Lowther

    Caroline Curtis, Lisa Weiss, Desirae Vanrensburg, Erica Roseman

    Fabrice Weill, Kim Bettez, Roberta Freymann

    Kipton Cronkite, Jack Bryant, Lucas Samoza, Olivia Palermo

    Pasha Aziz, Nina Reeves, Edward Barsamian, Priya Mohindra, Nandita Khanna

    Olivia Palermo, Dr. Jake Deutsch, Brian Atwood