Par-Lay. Vous. Fran-Say? A Fashion Week Guide To French Designers

by Emefa Duho · February 10, 2011

    Par-Lay Vous Fran- Say? As NYC Fashion week officially starts off today, designers from Adrienne Vittadini to Zac Posen will showcase their Fall/Winter 2011 line.   Surely there will be some names that one might have problems pronouncing! No need to enroll in French class or buy Rosetta Stone!

    To make sure you pronounce the names of these designers correctly, pay close attention...

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    Watch Carrie Bradshaw butcher the French language.

    Don't pull a Sex and the City: if you can’t pronounce it… don’t wear it!


    1. Dior ( Dee or)

    [Dior Printemps, ete 2011, Image via]

    2. Louis Vuitton ( Lou-ee View-ton)

    [Louis Vuitton-Printemps/été 2011 Image via]

    3. Hermès (AIR- MAIZE)

    (Photo courtesy of author)

    [Hermès Silk scarve, [mage via]

    4. Givenchy (Jzhiv-on-shee)

    (Photo courtesy of author)

    [2010-2011 Automn/Hiver Campaign, Image via]

    5. Yves Saint Laurent (Eves-SAHN -LORE-ONT)

    [YSL Spring 2011 Makeup Collection, Image via]

    6. Christian Louboutin (Chris-ti-an- Lou-we- bu ee ton)

    [Courtney Love in Spiked Loubies Image via]

    7. Lacoste (La-Cost)

    [2011 Spring Campaign, Image via]

    8. Lanvin (L-an-van)

    [Lanvin-Printemps 2011, Image via]

    9. Sonia Rykiel (So-ne-a Ri Kell)

    [Sonia Rykiel Printemps 2011, Image via]

    10. Chanel (Sha -Nel)

    [La Glace Looks Good Haute, Image via]

    And, ultimately, if you are not a fashionista, you can start with these three little mots... just in time for Valentine's Day!

    Bonus: Ménage à trois ( May-Naj – A –To-a)

    [Image via]