The Fashion File: January 18, 2011

by Cary Randolph Fuller · January 19, 2011

    Who What Wear proclaims THE spring trends of 2011, Jane Aldridge has cooler shoes than you, Gilt Groupe suggests the worst Valentine gift ever, and we may be adults but we still love to make friendship bracelets (that we'll never actually wear). Click below for this plus everything else you need to know that happened in the fashion world today...

    1. Who What Wear published their definitive list of trends for Spring '11. As if this hideous weather wasn't reason enough to hibernate for the next three months. Sandwiched between the still-questionable "flatform" sandals and impossible-to-wear micro-pleats are a lot of eye-popping candy colors that will only make this winter seem colder, darker, and longer,'s over! Countdown starts now. [Who What Wear]

    2. Giorgio Armani showed his fall/winter 2011 men's collection today in Milan. From our press release: "This fusion of contrasting elements, achieving a well judged balance between the elegant and the casual, combines a clear cut logical code of dress with a total commitment to progressive and contemporary couture for men." It is titled "Remix en gris." Photos here: [Greenwich Citizen]

    3. Vogue posted a behind-the-scenes video of Kristen Stewart's photo shoot. And she looks quite beautiful and self-possessed. Confident, even. [Vogue on Tumblr]

    4. Man Repeller, the boner-deflating darling of the blogosphere, Leandra Medine partners with Kimberly Taylor for a "man-getting" and "man-repelling" collaboration. This is like meta-man-repelling. [Refinery29]

    5."People say this lifestyle is about whips and chains. But it's about the heart." Tim White, aka Mr. Connecticut Leather, as he prepares to compete for the pageant title at the largest gay leather fetish gathering on the East Coast. That’s what Monica did this weekend. How about you? [Washington Post Style]

    6. Sloane Crosley is not only hilarious and talented but also has a killer closet. And now she can never complain about being a starving writer, a kid just trying to make it in the big city, ever, ever again. [NYTimes]

    7. The Wall Street Journal - former conservative financial bible - wants to help YOU find the perfect red lipstick! In (un)related news, the Dow Jones is down today. [WSJ]

    8. Little red riding pants - yea or nay? Preppy commenters can't reach a verdict, but we think this get-up (below) looks kind of adorable. [Unabashedly Prep via That Kind of Woman]

    9. Gilt Groupe suggests a bathroom scale in its "Gifts For Her" sale. This may be the worst, most unromantic Valentine's Day gift idea since Dad gave Mom an eight-pound Orick vacuum cleaner back in '94. And should any hapless gents take Gilt's advice and bestow this upon their honeys come February 14, we excuse all ensuing break-ups and screaming matches at those candle-lit tables-for-two. [Gilt Groupe]

    10. Can't wait for summer camp? Make a friendship bracelet now! One of our new favorite fashion blogs Honestly...WTF?! posts a D.I.Y. lesson in making the most baller woven jewelry we've ever seen...or at least since Proenza Schouler's models skipped down the spring runway bearing their own fibrous baubles. No, but seriously, look for us soon on Etsy... [Honestly...WTF?!]

    11. Taylor Supply is the next Rag & Bone. Maybe. The Brooklyn-based menswear label is getting a ton of buzz at Capsule. [We Are the Market]

    12. January is a tough month, sartorially-speaking. It's too cold to care. Thankfully we now know how to wear jeans to work. [Refinery29]

    13. "Match your handbag to your mantra" says our favorite NYC fashion plate Vie Society. (We know her identity, but we're keeping it under Hermes wraps.) Today Vie posted a slew of grass, chartreuse, mint, and kelly handbags that have our mouths seriously watering for some salad, spearmint...and alligator skin. And because it's Vie who's doing the shopping, expect to gaze upon the best, baller-est, most chi chi schlep totes this side of the Seine. [Vie Society]

    14. Reebok released a "San Valentin" sneaker. Designed to mimic a strawberry dipped in chocolate." Romantic. [High Snobette]

    15. Wanna know what Ralph Lauren's country house looks like? [Kiss Me I'm Lazy]

    16. Check out the Top ten trousers for pre-fall 2011...because we know you can't wait another eight months. [W]

    17. Dannijo jumps on Tumblr. Our favorite NYC-based jewelers Danielle and Jodie Snyder follow fellow fashion icons Vogue, Ann Taylor, and Nina Garcia with their blog on the fabled hipster platform. It's an Instagram-heavy glimpse inside the eyes and minds of a very chic sister set. [Dannijo via Sara Zucker.]

    18. Mark your calendars! The Future of Fashion panel is a not-to-be-missed event during Social Media Week. Hosted by Gregory Littley and Brooke Moreland of Fashism. [Amiando]

    Finally, just a reminder that Jane Aldridge got some new YSL's last week! [Sea of Shoes]