Trendhunting: Feather Earrings

by Christina Makoyawo · June 10, 2011

    At some point earlier this year, feather earrings became very popular. Was it due to the Coachella "uniform", gypsy trends or Vanessa Hudgens? They seem to have always been there but suddenly a boom came about. Hardly worn as a pair, these long, feather adorned earrings are super trendy for the summer. Here's some cool ones to enhance your summer hippie look.

    Johnique by The Desert Child Feather Single Earrings [UrbanOutfitters]

    Cascading Feather Earrings [UrbanOutfitters]

    All Saints Cinta Earrings [All Saints]

    Navajo Feather Earrings [UrbanOutfitters]

    Love Child Triple Feather on Chain Earrings [TrendBoutique]

    PluckYou Jupiter's Jubilee Earrings [Etsy]

    PluckYou Earth's Elegance Earrings [Etsy]

    Laura Kranitz Long One-Sided Headband [80's Purple]