If we could crown the official Prom Queen of Fashion Week, September 2017, the title (and metaphorical tiara) would not go to a Kardashian, a Jenner, or even a Gerber. Instead, we would be pleased to announce Cardi B, social butterfly, front row face, and now, record-breaking rapper as our winner. No wonder the fashion crowd has welcomed her so readily. 

On Monday it was announced that the social media star turned style influencer hit the number one spot on Billboard's Hot 100 chart with her hit "Bodak Yellow," pushing off Taylor Swift, and marking the first time a female rapper has topped the charts since Lauryn Hill, 19 years ago. Though this monumental achievement should really be no surprise to anyone who has stepped out of their apartment in the past month, it's truly a testament to how multifaceted (and talented) this burgeoning pop culture icon is.

From partying with Rihanna to performing at, like, every A-list after-bash in New York, click through for a look at Cardi B's best NYFW moments.

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