Carnival! Alexander Wang's After-Party Drives It Home

by EVAN MULVIHILL · September 13, 2010

    Alexander Wang's after-partygoers fool around in bumper cars.Partygoers at Alexander Wang's after-party were treated to the following fun activities this past Saturday night: bumper cars, water-gun games, and a bouncy-house!

    Toying around with the wonder boy designer was a mix of faces, some famous just to those of us embedded in the New York City fashion scene (models and editors and photographers, oh my!), and others famous to the world at large (Russell Simmons and Q-Tip!) all spiked up on vodka courtesy of Belvedere Vodka.

    Master of Ceremonies Alexander Wang goes center stage with some sort of magical photon-gun thing.

    We wish these two photos were merged so that the fashion clown on the right was being shot with water from the intensely concentrating folks on the left.

    Agyness Deyn, budding fashion photographer. We spy New York magazine party editor Jada Yuan keeping a low-profile in the background.

    Terry Richardson, fashion photographer and party animal, gives his seal of approval to Wang's party. Fashion editors Kate Lanphear (Elle) and Jay Errico (Nylon) stick together like two birds of a feather.

    There was a bouncy-house. Or do you call it a moon-house? In any case, fun times with feet.

    Unidentified model. Total Freedom.

    [Photos via and Refinery29]