Fashion week is to some as Halloween is to the cast of Mean Girls: it’s the one time of year when you can wear your most fashion pieces and nobody can say anything about it. Last year, during London fashion week, I piled as many clashing designer items as I could on my person and crashed a bunch of parties. It was great. I probably would have been more successful if I’d added a headdress into the mix, because absurd, theatrical looks seem to be what stands out most after years of collections featuring recycled ideas. But whether you want to blend in with droves of bloggers in 305s or shuffle around in a Margiela-esque statement that limits your range of motion, here’s where to find pieces perfect for leaping through crosswalks when there’s a DSLR nearby. If all else fails, you can duct tape some Bic lighters to your sneakers and call it Vetements.

Words by Anya Schulman at Taste The Style