Jared Leto Is Having The Best Fashion Week Ever

by Chiara Atik · February 16, 2010

    Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington, Rachel Zoe...these are the faces you expect to see permeating the Fashion Week coverage. But this fall, a surprising number of C-list celebrities have infiltrated the ranks of editors and stylists sitting front row. -

    "These days, Fashion Week is almost a better PR opportunity than a movie premiere."

    Thus quoth the Fug Girls, who are covering NYFW for NY Mag, and they're absolutely right. Despite all the talk of brands paying big bucks for A-list celebs to sit front row at show, the chairs at Bryant Park this week seem to be mostly by the unlikeliest of people, most of whom have upcoming projects to promote.

    Below, a look at the five names who, thanks to some doggedly determined publicists, have become the most ubiquitous faces at Tents.

    1. Jared Leto

    Fashion Week may not seem like the likeliest place to go promote your upcoming rock tour, but Jared Leto has been burning the midnight, and midday oil on behalf of the upcoming 30 Seconds To Mars "Into The Wild" tour. The band's frontman was front row at Calvin Klein, attended Robert Geller, celebrated Harley Viera Newton's birthday, went to Erin Wasson, and attended the Purple Fashion Magazine After Party on the roof of Gramercy Hotel before heading down to Rose Bar for the Guns N'Roses performance AND the Evisu party...all in one weekend!

    The apparently tireless actor is still going, and tweeting his entire FW experience at @jaredleto.

    [Photo via PMc]

    2. Alison Brie

    Who is Alison Brie? The bubbly and talented actress plays Pete's wife on Mad Men, as well as Annie on Community. She's very pretty and very good, so there's every reason to think she'll blow up into a huge star, something her PR team is obviously trying to help push along with about a gazillion appearances at Fashion Week. Alison missed the first few days, but definitely made up for it with appearances at Y-3, Herve Leger, DKNY, Lela Rose, Luca Luca. We haven't noticed her at any parties yet, but with a schedule like that, it's no wonder: girl needs her beauty sleep!



    3. Ke$ha

    It's amazing how someone who frequently eschews fashion basics, like pants, can become a fixture on the Fashion Week scene, but Ke-dollar sign-ha's PR team definitely deserves some kind of medal. The scowling singer was at the Alice + Olivia presentation as well as Erin Wasson's presentation at ABC carpet. The singer was seen partying with fellow front row-er Kelly Bensimon, who has also been making the most of the prolonged photo opportunity that is Fashion Week. Ke$ha is an interesting choice for Fashion Week--she's not quite at Gaga-esque levels of avant garde in terms of her clothing, but on the other hand we can't quite picture her in an Alice + Olivia party frock.


    4. Kelly Osbourne

    Kelly Osbourne for the win this Fashion Week! After being relatively off everyone's radar (before Fashion Week, her first PMc pic is from last October), out of nowhere Kelly Osbourne has been the most ubiquitous face in New York this week. Her impressive roster of events include Gwen Stefani's LAMB show, Michael Angel, Chris Benz, Alice + Olivia Presentation, last night's Prince Peter Collection, and even WALKING in not one, but TWO Fashion Shows: Naomi Campbell's Fashion For Relief Haiti AND Betsey Johnson's Fashion Show. Good lord, Osbourne, are you trying to take over the world? As far as we can tell, Kelly doesn't really have any upcoming projects to promote, but maybe her publicists are just trying to give her a more grown-up, fashion-y image. Given that the second hit on google for "Kelly Osbourne imdb" is the quote, "My dog humps everything", we think this might be a good idea.



    5.  Keke Palmer

    Do you know who Keke Palmer is? I had to google it, but apparently she was born in 1993 (!!) and stars on Nickelodeon's True Jackson. So what is a 16 year-old Nickelodeon Star doing sitting at Rachel Roy, DKNY, Elise Overland, Alice + Olivia, Charlotte Ronson, and BCBG Max Azria? Promoting "True Jackson"? Hardly seems like the right way to reach a tween audience. It's much more likely that she's just being sent out on a Publicity Tour to catch the eyes of more adult powers-that-be so as to eventually transition seamlessly from Nickelodeon kid-star to serious ingenue actress. By going to high-brow Fashion shows, Keke comes off as sophisticated and adult, without having to get tatoos or pose provocatively to do so (ahem, Miley). Besides, Keke is hardly the first ex-Nickelodeon star to attend Fashion Shows; Amanda Bynes, mysteriously absent this week, has been a Fashion Show fixture for years.

    [Photo via PMc]