Power Through NYFW With These Healthy Snacks

Packing nutritious, filling snacks used to be something that you just did for day trips or hiking or really any activity that required physical exertion. New York Fashion Week may not take place on a court or in a gym, but it can still feel like a competitive sport sometimes. The grueling hours, the endless queues, and the need to summon your inner Miranda Presley to even make it through the second half of the day will sap even the most seasoned pro's energy. That is why it is indispensable to have a snacking game plan. If you prep and pack accordingly, getting through the week will be that much more enjoyable (or at least you won't have the desire to execute someone every time your ticket doesn't scan or your name seems to have disappeared from the list). Indulge in GofG's healthy snack choices and your Louboutins may just start feeling a little less like torture devices.

[Photos via @le21eme, @organicavenue]