Pulling Your Look Together For The Last Day Of Fashion Week

by CARSON GRIFFITH · September 17, 2009

    After a week of parties, just as many days of shows, and who can forget the VMAs and their aftermath, it seems like all of New York City is struggling to stay on their feet. So how can we expect to look good for the cameras (oh yeah, and our jobs) for the final day, and night, of Fashion Week? We've got a few simple tips for pulling your act together so even if you're not feeling up to speed, no one knows that you're feeling like a bona-fide hot mess.

    The over-sized bag.

    Seems like a "Duh?" Well that's because you really just threw your clutch from last night and a water bottle in it. No unpacking neccessary.

    The Alexandra Richards Top Knot

    If you can muster the extra effort, toss in some dry shampoo, but no one's going to know that your super-star Dj-model chic-do actually is covering up the smell of last night's romp at the Boom Boom Room. [Picture via Paper Magazine]


    Anna Wintour Power Shades

    She may be wearing them so people can't tell what she's thinking, but we all know a good pair of over-sized shades are good for a lot of things: a hangover, lack of eye make-up, and are the best way to cover those under eye bags that have been steadily getting larger over the past week. [Anna Wintour at Donna Karan. Photo via Zimbio]


    While the word normally makes me cringe, after a week of heels, nights of platforms, and days of blisters, its time to cut those feet a break. And while we know our very own Cosmo correspondant prefers to brave the tents in flip-flops (despite Tim Gunn's disapproval), we suggest some thigh high leather flat boots that can easily go from day to night.

    Lace gloves.

    A little too Lady Gaga for you? Well, when in the past week did YOU have time to get your nails done? (Bag the gloves and go for clear polish and a nail file if you MUST) [Picture via NOW Magazine]



    Pill case.

    For Adderroll Kolonopin Speed Uppers Downers ...breath mints, ok, guys?!